Litter in a public place is highly unsightly, dangerous to animals and can cause infestations of rats and other scavengers. Improperly disposed Plastic bags, Tobacco pouches, Waste papers/ Packing Material etc. gets blown away by wind and get entangled into Median Plantations, Boundary Fencing etc. thus, giving an impression of a poorly maintained infrastructure.

Many larger facilities need Porter Services throughout the day to keep up with high volume of litter. Parking lots, City Centers, Airports, train and Bus Stations are some examples where the porters are used. We provide Day Porters and Vacuum Suction assisted litter collection machines for effective litter control.

Our Porter/ Litter control Services ensure your property is clean and well maintained. Our porters are well trained and well equipped to provide services outdoors or Indoor based on customer’s needs. Our uniformed teams of porters are friendly and courteous to the users of your facility.

We go way beyond just the basics and take pride in ensuring that your site is maintained at the highest level of cleanliness.